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TESTIMONIALS About The Drum Studio

I. I have known Lonnie for over 25 years through our collaboration on various music projects. He is a gifted teacher and performer who brings a unique sensitivity and dedication to the art of drumming.

Trevor Salloum


II. I studied with Lonnie from when I started playing the drums at age 11 until I graduated high school just before I turned 18. After high school, I went on to study music (Jazz Performance undergraduate degree) at the University of Toronto. At U of T, I studied with Terry Clarke and Bob McLaren. In my fourth year of undergraduate, I was invited to play in the master's student ensemble along with graduate students Chris Donnelly, Andrew Downing and Quinsin Nachoff.

Lonnie is an exceptional instructor. Lonnie's percussion pedagogy prepared me very well for studying music in university. My drum teacher during my 2nd and 3rd year, Bob McLaren, once commented on the advanced exercises that I was familiar with from my time studying in Kelowna (with Lonnie). One thing that particularly struck me about Lonnie was how he constantly updated his knowledge of percussion and was always providing his students with new and innovative ways to practice and become better musicians. Lonnie is also very good at adapting to students' needs. I remember several times coming into a lesson and asking Lonnie to show me something that I was wondering about on the kit. Every time, he adapted his lesson plan and provided me with exactly what I was looking for. Lonnie always encouraged students' interest in the drums and never got lost in trying to teach in a specific way.

In addition to being a very high-class instructor, Lonnie is an excellent drummer. Lonnie's technical ability on the drum set was an inspiration when I was studying with him and is still today. He has very good snare chops and moves around the kit very cleanly. This is because Lonnie "practices what he preaches" regarding practice schedules. While I was studying with Lonnie, he would regularly come early into the studio and work on his own playing and technique.

I would highly recommend studying with Lonnie to anyone who is interested in drumming. Lonnie is a great instructor for students at any drumming level. Lonnie worked with me from when I was a complete beginner to when I successfully auditioned for the University of Toronto Jazz Performance program and provided me with tremendous benefit throughout this time.

Christopher Collier, B.Mus.


III. Lonnie Burma is an AMAZING teacher and educator. As a High School Music teacher in Kelowna, I want my percussionists to take private lessons and Lonnie is the one to go to! As a parent I sent my son Richard to Lonnie to prepare him for grade 7 band. Richard loved his lessons and every week was excited to go and motivated when he came home. He studied with Lonnie through high school. As a teacher, I have also had Lonnie in my classroom as a clinician many times. I have never been disappointed with the results!

Lonnie teaches his students all the skills necessary for Concert Band, Orchestra and Jazz. He is very organized and approachable and over the 10 years I have known Lonnie Burma he has always been professional. Simply put: Lonnie Burma is an extraordinary teacher/educator. Thank you Lonnie!!!!!

Mrs. Sheila French
KSS Music Educator


IV. We would thoroughly recommend Lonnie to anyone who wants to learn to play the drums well, and yet have fun at the same time! Our son has loved every lesson, and we have been happy to see him eager to practise what he has learned that week. Lonnie is a very encouraging and personable teacher, and is keen to see his students reach their full potential, whilst using the latest technology to help them progress.

Glen and Sarah Madden


V. I started taking drum lessons with Lonnie from the summer of grade four till the end of grade twelve. Going to Lonnie's studio to learn the latest beat, jam or rudiment, was almost always the highlight of my week, and if I had lessons on Mondays it would always carry me through on a high note. Not only does Lonnie have an awesome set up for singles and pairs, but he has set me up with numerous styles of music that have helped me play and be a part of band and music throughout my entire middle and high school career. In my final year at Kelowna Secondary School I was a part of Senior Jazz Band, Senior Concert Band, Orchestra, Vocal Jazz Combo and as well as two other self directed Combos. Although music has always been a hobby for me, with my focus on Academics, it has almost always been the source of my greatest memories, and my coolest experiences. (Like winning first place in every one of those groups in my final year at high school and being accepted to Nationals. All thanks to Lonnie's incredible experience as well as my incredible teachers at KSS.) Drum lessons have allowed me to be feel comfortable with nearly all styles of music, and essentially be able to sit down at any of the gigs that I have had and play with confidence. I am now in my second year at the University of Calgary in the Bachelor of Health Science in the Faculty of Medicine still trying to squeeze in a music class into my schedule, because it is something that I now feel is essential to what makes me me, and is something I am not willing to give up.

Mat O'Flynn (University of Calgary)


VI. I started taking lessons with Lonnie when I was 11 years old, and continued until I was 18. During these seven years I was exposed to a wide variety of drumming techniques and musical styles; whether we were grooving to a smooth jazz tune or slamming away on our double kicks, Lonnie always seemed to have something new to inspire (and impress) me with. What he may lack in "comedic timing", he more than makes up for in skill, patience, guidance, and encouragement. I started out knowing absolutely nothing about a drumset, and today feel comfortable playing with pretty much anyone. Whatever your age or skill level, Lonnie will definitely make you a better drummer and all-round musician. I thoroughly enjoyed each of my seven years learning from Lonnie; he is a great teacher, and I would still be taking lessons if I had the time!

Greg Karogiannis (UBCO)



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