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The Drum Studio's Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to sign up for the entire year?

A. No. Though I strongly recommend that the student think in terms of a years commitment from the start, sometimes things work out different than anticipated. If the student does not want to continue for whatever reason, please give reasonable notification regarding termination as I would desire to finish on a tidy and positive note!

Q. Why are the fees the same every month though the amount of classes differ?

A. As previously noted in the fee section, the monthly fee is an averaged amount calculated by the total cost of the years scheduled classes divided evenly over ten months. This avoids a different fee each month given some months have four "Tuesdays" while other months have three, five and sometimes only two.

Q. Do I have to own a drum-kit before I can take lessons?

A. No. Though it is more beneficial to have the capacity to practice the lesson material directly and consistently between classes, some may chose to wait a short period of time to determine interest and commitment. A practice pad, stick bag, sticks, brushes and mallets should be purchased particularly if the student is in school band. This may cost between $100.00-$150.00 depending on selection.

Q. What do I look for in a drum set? How much should I expect to spend? What about renting versus owning?

A. A five-piece drum kit complete with ride, crash and hi-hat cymbals, seat and music stand would be the standard. This may cost from $400.00-$900.00 for a starter and intermediate level set up. In regards to rentals, take a close look at the contract as some appear cheap but have a significant back-loading cost. Used kits in good shape can be a better deal given depreciation. Watch out for excessive wear as replacing drum heads will make the kit look and sound great but will be somewhat costly.

Q. What will I learn at the Studio? Is their a curriculum, program or particular method book(s) that you follow?

A. Great question! For musicians to succeed in today's musical marketplace, you must either be extremely strong in a particular style of music or versatile in a wide range of musical genres.

I have personally taken the latter and offer a diverse program that ranges from Rock, Jazz, Blues, "Latin", Country and many more styles of music. In addition, other areas of focus include snare drum technique, orchestral and world percussion are an integral part of the program.

Ultimately, this means that you will be functional in a school, church, marching, or any other band situation. I have personally written over 1500 musical documents and use them regularly each week. Additionally, there are many tremendous resources including various books, DVD'S, YouTube, drummer web-sites and so on that are all part of the learning process at the Drum Studio. Students are also welcome to bring charts and music from school, home, private band or whatever musical situation they are involved in.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question in regards to this important issue!

Q. How does it work with two students working together for the year? Is this better than studying privately?

A. Both arrangements have distinct advantages. With a private class, you receive one on one attention, interaction and more individual focused curriculum. With the partner arrangement, though the attention is shared, the opportunity to work with someone of similar experience can be very motivating and less pressure. The partnership may have two students from the same band class at school which is a tremendous opportunity to work on the various band charts together and develop a strong relationship with each\ other. The fees for the duo arrangement are also less than a private relationship with the potential of car-pooling. In this regard, the room has been designed with 3 drum kits, 3 snare drums and so on.


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