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About The Drum Studio CURRICULUM

Welcome to my Drum Studio! You will find the Studio centrally located in Kelowna, BC on the corner of Harvey Avenue and Kirschner Road (across the way from the Parkinson's Recreation Center).

More than just a convenient location, the DRUM STUDIO offers private, partnered and group classes in many musical styles and various percussion instruments. If you are considering drumming for the first time or are an experienced player, the DRUM STUDIO is the best environment to learn the necessary skills, concepts and understanding in becoming a great drummer, percussionist and musician.

The Drum Studio offers a fully-equipped room with the following features:

• Pad station including 3 Roland electronic drum pads, 3 Ahead practice pads and mirrors for accurate assessment of technique and progress

• 3 drum kits including a Rock, Jazz and Fusion set up

• Percussion station including congas, timbales, hand percussion and more.

• Orchestral station including concert snare drum and bass drum, orchestral bells, hand percussion and more.

• Electronic lesson material, digital camera, DVD/CD/i-Tunes

These features and more, provide you with the advantage of learning easier, quicker, more thoroughly and are simply the most fun!


The Drum Studio Curriculum offers a diverse program focusing on four main areas of study:

I. Snare drum

II. Drum set

III. Orchestral Percussion

IV. World Percussion

Snare Drum: learn to properly hold the drumsticks, execute the stroke, learn and employ Moeller technique to increase control, speed, power and endurance, become proficient in reading rhythms, performing rudiments, drum rolls, snare drum solos and more!

Drum Set: learn many different styles and beats on the drum set including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and more.

Orchestral Percussion: learn how to function and perform in an orchestral percussion setting including concert snare and bass drum, xylophone, marimba, vibes, bells and hand percussion.

World Percussion: learn many different styles of World Music on the congas and other hand drums, timbales, hand percussion and more.



Lonnie's Drum Studio   T: 250 717 5996   E: lonniesdrums@shaw.ca   Mail: 110-1751 Harvey Avenue,   Kelowna BC,   V1Y 6G4